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We organize exhibitions all around the world to promote the messages addressed in collection because we believe that communication has the power to change behavior and  trigger actions.




The fight against poverty & exclusion, disease prevention, the protection of human rights, global warming, and the preservation of biodiversity are issues that concern us all. Yet it remains difficult to raise awareness about these subjects everyday in order for people to take action. However it’s by making these themes accessible to all that behaviors will shift.

ACT Responsible’s exhibitions are elaborated with the belief that creativity has the power to overcome social, generational, or cultural barriers in order to encourage responsible understanding and to call for action. Advertising is a universal language: images and music are full of emotion, and words give us the keys to get involved. The combination of the three has an undeniable effect: understanding is immediate; the appeal to our senses awakens our consciousness and therefore pushes us to become actors.


lineOur exhibitions are divided in many themes and sub-themes in order to be able to propose various selections addressing various issues that may suit your concerns. The ACT Responsible database itself is organized around three major issues « Taking care of the planet, Taking care of others, Taking Care of yourself » . Visit our Pinterest to discover Themed Selection

You want to create you own exhibition you can see a selection of what we have here follow the link or contact for advice.

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