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Frequently Asked Questions


What is ACT Responsible?


ACT stands for Advertising Community Together. ACT Responsible is an international, independent, non-profit association founded in 2001 by AdForum.com employees.


Inspire, promote and unite the advertising communications industry to share good practice in social responsibility and sustainable development.


Each year we identify and gather thousands of the best local or global advertising campaigns that address social and environmental issues. The campaigns are archived into our Good Ads Gallery, which is the largest online database specialised on these issues.

We curate Great Ads for Good exhibitions, film projections and themed and customised events, making sure the campaigns reach their audience and raise awareness.

We mobilise a worldwide network of agencies, production companies, advertisers, institutions, NGOs, corporations and the media, who believe responsible advertising is essential to modern communication.

We run initiatives such asThe Good Report, One minute of Responsibility and the Care Awards to highlight the advertising community’s important role in addressing global issues.

If you believe responsible communication is the future of advertising and would like to support this collective industry effort, consider becoming a member.


Submission and promo pack

What is in our "promo pack"?

By entering our Promo Pack, you will benefit from:

1- Free entry in “The Care Awards

2- Inclusion of your campaign in “The Good Report”, in collaboration with WARC rankings.

3- Eligibility for ACT Responsible’s annual exhibition premiered at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

4- Eligibility for « One Minute of Responsibility« , which offers free media space throughout Euronews’ short programme (video) or magazine (print).

5- Inclusion of your campaign in the The European Association of Communications Agencies (EACA) responsible advertising galleries.

6- Inclusion of your campaign in Adforum.com’s worldwide creative database.

NB: If you would like your campaign to be excluded from some promo pack benefits, please inform our team when you enter.

By payment of the invoice, you agree to our rules and terms and conditions — please take time to review these.

If for any specific reason or at any time you would like us to unpublished your entry, please contact our team.

How do I submit my entry?

Directly on our website or by email at submit@act-responsible.org and we will guide you through the steps. Should you encounter any problems, please contact our head of content at sophie@act-responsible.org.

How do I pay?

As soon as your submission is complete, you will receive an invoice from your ACT Responsible coordinator. Please make sure you pay your invoice promptly by bank transfer or PayPal.

Check our payment information here.

Does anything need to be signed or approved?

Before you submit, you must have your client’s approval allowing the campaign to be part of the ACT Responsible programme. Your entry will be completed only if you have agreed to the rules and terms and conditions.

What is the confidentiality policy for the written entries ?

Creative material, when submitted, becomes the property of ACT Responsible. ACT Responsible reserves the right to make copies of selected creative material for educational and publicity purposes in exhibitions that we create to raise awareness on social and environmental issues. All material used will always be credited to advertisers and agencies and stamped with the association’s logo. Should you require an ad to be removed from ACT Responsible’s website, galleries or exhibitions, contact us and we will take care of it right away.

Great Ads for Good Causes Exhibition

What is Great Ads for Good Causes Exhibition?

The “Great Ads for Good” exhibition premieres in Cannes every year during the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. The exhibition may then be shown around the world, depending on opportunities, budget and demand.

Where exactly is located exhibition @CANNES LIONS?

Thanks to the support of Cannes Lions, the exhibition is at the heart of the Palais des Festivals. Located in the Foyer Debussy, it sits just before one of the main theatres (1000+ seats) that held 30 seminars in 5 days during last year’s festival. This gives the 16,000 registered guests plenty of opportunities to enjoy the exhibition and pick their favourite campaign as part of the Cannes Tributes.

Who decides what is shown in the exhibition?

Our editorial team selects the work for our exhibition. The team is entitled to refuse any controversial entries that may offend national, cultural or religious beliefs or public taste. Selections will be made with respect to the space available as well as our aim to reflect the diversity of entries and the advertising industry’s creativity.

What if the work sent to act responsible was also entered in the cannes lions categories?

ACT Responsible and Cannes Lions are two separates organizations. ACT Responsible is NOT an award organization.
Cannes Lions and ACT Responsible DO NOT SHARE ENTRIES.

What are the Cannes Tributes?

The ACT Responsible Cannes Tributes is a recognition of outstanding work for good causes. Each year during the exhibition at Cannes Lions, we organise an on-site and online public vote. These are not awards in the sense that they have not been selected by a jury, but instead by the general public. These trophies and certificates act as symbolic tributes to the agencies that have given their talent and creativity to make our world a better place. In order receive a tribute, you have to be part of our exhibition.

How can I participate in the cannes lions exhibitions as a sponsor, partner or ACT’ive member?

The Cannes exhibition is made possible by the support of ACT’ive members, sponsors and partners. If you’d like to get involved and benefit from prominent visibility on our website and at our annual exhibition at the Cannes Lions, check out our Cannes Membership packages. There are many ways you can join; if you want to discuss other opportunities, please contact isa@act-responsible.org.

The Good Report

What is "The Good report"?

The Good Report, created in collaboration between ACT Responsible and WARC, is an annual ranking of the campaigns identified by ACT Responsible that have been entered in its database. It was created to celebrate the best creative campaigns that promote sustainability and social responsibility and raise awareness on the world’s major social and environmental issues.

How can my work be included in the "The Good report"?

All ACT Responsible programme submissions are included in The Good Report. It contains our annual round-up of the world’s best cause-related advertisements. Providing the campaigns are part of the ACT Responsible programme, they are identified and selected by our editorial team based on their creativity, innovation, execution and understanding.

How is the ranking calculated?

The ranking is based on a campaign’s presence and performance in ACT Responsible.  For example, its performance in the Care Awards, loyalty to the cause, campaign promotion, ranking in awards shows and as an ACT Tribute (see above). In 2019, we added the awards a campaign has received and its number of views on Adforum.com to the report’s judging formula. More information on The Good Report.


The Care Awards

What is "The Care Awards"?

The European Association of Communications Agencies (EACA) and ACT Responsible launched these creative awards in 2008 to highlight the advertising industry’s specific contribution to society by awarding the most creative social and environmental campaigns. The awards cover issues such as public health, the environment, sustainable consumption, public safety, disability, human rights, domestic violence, child abuse, homelessness, education and other similar topical public issues.

How can I enter "The Care Awards"?

The Care Awards are open to all campaigns submitted to ACT Responsible. You may enter as many campaigns as you like.

Can I only enter "The Care Awards"?

Yes, please write to careawards@act-responsible.org to specify your request.
The price is the same as for the ACT Responsible programme minus the 50€ membership (400€).

One Minute
of Responsibility

What is "One Minute of Responsibility"?

This short programme features public service advertising several times a day on the TV channels Euronews and Africanews. If selected by the ACT Responsible Editorial Team and Euronews ethical committee, your campaign can benefit from this free media space. The offered media space is valued between 10 000€ and 100 000€. You’ll receive a report after 4 months with all the information regarding the broadcast.

What is the reach of Euronews Worldwide TV channels?

Euronews broadcasts to more than 426 million households in 158 countries worldwide via cable, digital satellite and terrestrial channels. Euronews’ worldwide coverage has nearly doubled in the last 5 years and the channel continues its global expansion, now covering all 5 continents.

Can I participate to the "One Minute of Responsibility program" only?

Yes, just be sure to specify this when entering your campaign. The entry fee will be 400€ and will cover mounting and technical costs specific to the programme.

More information on One Minute of Responsibility: Youtube  One Minute of Responsibility


Who are ACT Responsible worldwide media partners and where could the work be published?

ACT Responsible has the largest worldwide online database of social and environmental advertising, free and accessible by all. The ACT Responsible database gathers over 20,000 ads, created and broadcasted in 110 countries by 3,200+ agencies for more than 5,500+ advertisers.

This database is shared with AdForum.com as well as with the EACA

Press Partners:  Hobo Magazine, Canopée, Stratégies, Infuencia and many other trade magazines or websites: The United Nations, Guardian, l’Express.

Good Ads Gallery and Database

How does ACT Responsible database work?

Each year, ACT Responsible adds campaigns created worldwide to its database. The database is shared with the EACA and AdForum.comACT Responsible’s main sponsor and technical partner. To create the gallery, ACT Responsible uses AdForum’s platform. The ACT Responsible collection is made available from AdForum servers to as many professional websites as possible through hosted sections or links.

How can I use ACT Responsible Good Ads Gallery?

The Good Ads gallery is here to help you find information about social and environmental advertising and responsible communication. This is for your own personal, non-commercial use. It is forbidden to reproduce, sell or distribute it to anyone else. If you want to make a suggestion or change, let us know, as you cannot alter the content directly on the site.

Who owns the copyrights to the material on the site?

MayDream, the parent company of AdForum, or its subscribers or licensors own all the copyrights, trademarks and intellectual property rights on the site. You must fully respect these copyrights. If you think we’ve infringed upon any copyrights, tell us right away and we’ll remove it from our site.

Do you accept full responsibility for the links on your site?

No. Although we only post links that are interesting and informative, we cannot monitor all the current links that appear on our pages. If any change needs to be made, please contact us and we’ll take care of it ASAP.


If you want to submit an ad, organise an exhibition, become a member, find out about our initiatives, start a partnership, offer media space or simply learn more…

Please get in touch with our team!

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