To create an exhibition, beautiful images that catch the eye and convey a clear message are essential, but great taglines are what unlock the potential of the campaign in becoming a real actor. Indeed, we have received many case studies about events or experiments that help change and mold our perspective of the world. Out of over 800 campaigns identified this year’s, the exhibition showcases a collection of 81 campaigns created by 72 agencies for 78 advertisers from 30 countries.


Human rights are fundamental, however, there are still people who do not have these basic rights and live in constant violence and terror. The campaigns “Out of place” by Havas Düsseldorf for Caritas and “Through the eyes of a refugee” by TBWA\NEBOKO for Amnesty International emphasize this major issue, and aim to take a second look at warzones and their victims.

Unfortunately, domestic abuse is, once again, a major topic addressed this year. Even in highly progressive countries, this form of violence is still very prevalent. This issue is highlighted by initiatives such as the “No More Excuses” campaign by RBK Communication for Women’s Shelter and “Excuses” by FCB Lisbon for Associação Portuguesa de Apoio à Vítima. They have been launched to break the silence and offer a way out to victims who are often paralysed by desperation and fear.

Credits : TBWA\NEBOKO – Amnesty International

Chief Creative Officer/Art Director: Darre van Dijk; Creative Director/Copywriter: Bas Engels ; Producer: Peter Burger ; Account: Thomas van der Helm, Manon Patty

Credits : FCB Chicago – Advertiser: Boeing 

Chief Creative Officer: Liz Taylor ; Executive Creative Director: Ecole Weinstein ; Creative Directors: Eugene Varnado, Nick Howard, Nick Stoner ; Art Director: Sarah Hollis


In the light of the “Me Too” movement, women empowerment is a theme that stands out in this year’s exhibition. Even though Women’s Rights have come a long way, there is still a lot of work to do to break sexist stereotypes and show that women can do anything and everything. Amazing campaigns such as “This Girl Can” by FCB Inferno for Sport England and “Rejection letter” by FCB Chicago for Boeing try to convey this important and empowering message.

Road safety has always inspired many advertisers from around the world, and this year is no exception. Nowadays, in a society where our smartphone is part of our daily life, it is important for drivers to be aware of the danger of using a cellphone while driving. In France, this is the fourth cause of death on the road, right after alcohol. In our exhibition, two campaigns talk about this issue: “Behind the wheel, cellphones can kill” by la chose for La Sécurité routière and “#ItCanWait” by FCB Cape Town for Western Cape Government.


Mental health is another main issue that has been addressed this year. It manifests itself under various forms, such as: PTSD, Alzheimer, depression, which can unfortunately lead to suicide. These different diseases have something in common: isolation. Not only do they have a huge impact on the victims, but they also directly affect their loved ones.  This year, impactful campaigns such as “Remember me” by BBDO Group Germany GmbH for Alzheimer Research Initiative and “#Project84” by adam&eveDDB for CALM (Campaign against living miserably) shed light on these matters, in order to break the stigma, educate people, and ultimately, remind the victims that they are not alone.

Credits : Agency : BBDO Group Germany GmbH for Alzheimer Forschung Initiative – Chief Creative Officer : Wolfgang Schneider – Creative Managing Director : Kristoffer Heilemann – Creative Director/Copywriter : Sebastian Steller – Creative Director : Jacobo Concejo


One of the biggest environmental issues today is the pollution of our seas and oceans. When taking a walk on the beach, we can all witness that plastic is everywhere. As a matter of fact, more than 8 million tons of plastic are dumped there every year, threatening marine biodiversity and poisoning the water. In our exhibition, the beautiful and colorful campaigns

“Plastic Ocean” by FF New York for Sea Shepherd and “Trash Isles” by AMV BBDO for Plastic Ocean Foundation successfully highlight the importance of this issue and the consequences of plastic pollution, because we should all ACT together to keep our planet clean.

Credits : Agency : FF New York for Sea Shepherd Conservation Society – Chief Creative Officers : Fred and Farid Creative –  Director : Laurent Leccia – Associate Creative Director : Michael Hess – Brand Supervisor : Heather Stimmler.