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ACT Responsible is an international non-profit association created in 2001. ACT stands for Advertising Community Together. The association’s mission is to inspire, promote and federate the actors of the advertising communications industry around social responsibility and sustainable development and to share good practices.



We constantly gather unique and qualified advertising campaigns created all around the world in an attempt to show the power of advertising when it adresses social or environmental issues. We showcase these campaigns as widely as possible through events, exhibitions, and various programs, in order to raise awareness around global and local issues.



Today, ACT Responsible is the largest global source of content on the world’s best ads on social and environmental issues. We source and select the best social & environmental campaigns from around the world. Our database holds over 12,000 campaigns created by over 2,300 agencies for 3,000 advertisers in 95 countries. These campaigns are accessible through a multi-criteria search engine powered by adforum.com. The number of campaigns in the library has grown at a given rate of 1,500 per year over the past two years.

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We create themed exhibitions and projections: The exhibitions are elaborated with the belief that creativity has the power to overcome social, generational, or cultural barriers in order to encourage responsible understanding and to call for action. Advertising is a universal language: images and music are full of emotion and words give us the keys to get involved. The combination of the three has an undeniable effect: understanding is immediate; the appeal to our senses awakens our consciousness and therefore pushes us to become actors.

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We create special programs, customized libraries, interactive galleries, specific selections of content, in order to offer the exposure of great campaigns from our collection through media or strategic partnerships.  We also joined the United Nations Department of Public Information in order to participate in raising awareness on UN related causes.

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We participate in events in order to start a conversation, build, and federate a network of committed key actors of the industry: agencies, media, production companies, advertisers, institutions, NGOs and corporations from  all over the world, that believe in responsible advertising as an essential focus of modern communications.

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We create workshops, think tanks, clubs, educational presentations and lately a french local association ACT Responsable in order to share good practices, highlight the best campaigns, and nourish the discussion on social and environmental responsibility.

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