A few days after the 9/11terrorist attacks a team of employees from AdForum.com decided to launch ACT (Advertising Community Together). The online message: “It’s our business to help” called the worldwide advertising community to act against terrorism. Immediately, creatives from over 30 countries responded by giving the best of themselves: their talent. They sent hundreds of creative pieces, tributes to the heroes and the victims. Trade press, websites, associations, and award organizers advertised the program, which strongly contributed to the large flow of expressions of solidarity. The first exhibitions of these campaigns took place at the Paris Advertising Week in November and during a New York trade event in December 2011, followed by the Cannes International Advertising Festival  in May 2002, thanks to the support of Bernard Brochand, Deputy-Mayor of Cannes. Since then, the initiative became a non-profit association managed by a team of volunteers with the financial support of major players in the industry. An average of 12 exhibitions has been produced every year all over the world, partnerships with media have been developed, conferences and think tanks have been initiated by ACT Responsible and its network of friends.