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share your good side

Participate   >   #ActResponsibleSurvey


share your Good side

Corporate Responsibility
in Advertising :

Participating in the first ever comprehensive assessment of responsibility practices in the advertising industry.

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The aim of this survey is to highlight how advertising agencies embrace corporate responsibility as economic, social, and environmental actors. The collected information will be used to create a benchmark of responsibility practices and a springboard for further progress in this important area.

The voice of the community is essential. It’s only with a large participation that we’ll have a representative understanding that will be invaluable to the entire advertising community. We are grateful for your time and help to promote this survey.

Why participate ?

Your are concerned by the future of the planet & society? You believe it’s your role to take action, you want to contribute in building more responsible framework in the industry?

How to participate ?

The survey is open to all, questions may be skipped, allowing everyone to participate with their knowledge and expertise. The estimated time to complete  is less than 30 minutes. 

What’s in it for me ?

We value your participation. To thank you for your time, we’re offering you to enter a draw to win 100$ in vouchers for @ECOALF* as well as a 100$ donation to a NGO of your choice.

*ECOALF is a BCorp Certified apparel brand. Like us you’ll love it for its very cool and innovative way to approach fashion.

Who is behind this survey?

The survey is powered by Nielsen and conducted by ACT Responsible with the participation of ACT Advisory Board (list below). We call out to all representatives of the industry who wish to join us in this process to participate in this project in order to make it as comprehensive as possible.

Concerning the data privacy policy please note that  individual responses and personal information will remain strictly confidential.  Specific responses will not be associated to any agency/agency networks and results will be published in aggregated format only. 

How to contribute : make it yours !

The voice of the community is essential. You believe in this effort, your want to contribute and take action. Please use  our Survey Com Kit with generic assets available to communicate promote the survey.

You can join in this effort, please feel free to create your own social campaign to promote the survey adding your own branding, logo and narrative. All means of communication is welcome, simply use the #actresponsiblesurvey. Everyone will be recognised and thank for their support.

If you want to submit an ad, organise an exhibition, become a member, find out about our initiatives, start a partnership, offer media space or simply learn more…

Please get in touch with our team!

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Inspire, promote and unite the advertising communication industry to share good practices on social responsibility and sustainable development.

The international NGO is affiliated with the United Nations Department of Global Communications and part of the UN Global Compact.

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by Alexandre Gournay & Guillaume Zhu  @e-artsup